Blake Fitch

“I was born and raised in Sebring, Florida where I had a friend that was a volunteer firefighter and told me to go check it out. So, a couple of days after I turned eighteen I was being voted in to the West Sebring Volunteer Fire Department where I would spend two years. I had no Idea at the time of how big of an affect this will have on my years to come. Shortly after taking a couple classes and running some calls, I grew a strong desire to better my skills and performance.

I knew I couldn’t get anywhere unless I attended ems training, so I enrolled at South Florida State College to take EMT. After completing EMT I moved to Orlando, Florida where I attended a para-military fire academy at Central Florida Fire Institute. While I was in the academy I heard of a placed called Prince Georges County, Maryland. So I started looking and found a place called Morningside Volunteer Fire Department. I knew that was the place for me so I graduated on a Friday and I flew out Saturday for Washington D.C.

I didn’t know what to expect, but I heard it would be a busy pace. I had a great experience running three fires from Saturday to Monday and I left the station knowing I wanted to be a live in member at Morningside. I was hooked and had found exactly what I was looking for to grow my experience. Members that worked hard, trained every day, and took pride in their work.

I was told something during my visit that turned out to be very true, Morningside will give you the resources and support you need to be the Fireman you desire to be. I moved into the firehouse the summer of 2015 and soon fell in love with the way Morningside operated and how everyone was fully committed on learning the trade and gaining experience. As my time at Morningside continues I am constantly reminded of what makes Morningside so great.”