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Everybody Goes...

Thursday, March 19, 2015  Shortly after 2045 hours a Rescue Local was sounded for a Motor Vehicle Accident with People Trapped on Branch Avenue in the area of the Naylor Road Metro Station. Company 27 responded with the balance of the assignment, consisting of the Rescue Squad, Engine Company and Ambulance and were updated while responding the incident also involved a Police Officer.

Crews arrived to find a critically injured patient trapped in a vehicle and went to work freeing them.  The victim was quickly freed but not before the roof had to be removed from the vehicle.  This incident was a result of a hit and run, fortunately the police later apprehended a suspect after a foot chase and with the assistance of a police helicopter.

However, when the dust settled a police officer was injured, another victim succumbed to their injuries and numerous vehicles were involved.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by this tragedy. 


Image courtesy of WUSA9

Image courtesy of WUSA9


32 House Fire

Thursday, February 19, 2015  While Responding to a Box Alarm in company 21's area Rescue Squad 827 was placed in service by command and immediately dropped on another Box Alarm. Crews were dispatched to the 6700 block of Allentown Rd. - while responding the assignment received an updated address, the squad arrived shortly after with fire showing from the rear of the reported address.

Rescue Squad 827 was the second arriving unit and wasted no time acting as first arriving special service. The crew assisted the engine company in stretching the first hand line while throwing ladders and making entry into the structure. The crew of 8 fire fighters conducted primary searches in the basement and Division I while assisting with Engine Company operations. Command later ordered evacuation of the structure and requested the Fire Task Force for manpower, after regrouping the interior attack continued. The squad was on scene for about 2 hours and then placed in service by command.

Contact us today to join the action- 



Annual Banquet

Saturday, January 24, 2015  As we continue to roll-on, another annual banquet has come and gone.  The past year was undoubtedly one for the record books and an opportunity for the membership to come together is always a blessing.  

The 2014 Award Winners are the following:

Top Performer - Michael Mavaddat - There is no secret that Mike has committed a lot of time and love to Morningside.  We were not surprised one bit that he had logged the most hours of participation according to our computer scheduling system, but we are appreciative of Mike and his unparalleled commitment.  Mike assisted us in our success this first year as an all Volunteer Company and his conviction to see us through is contagious - we look forward to his continual support of the MVFD.

Rookie of the Year - Seth Astwood - Seth came to us from another station in Prince George's County and has truly come out of his shell to reveal a good fireman, a great member, and an outstanding driver operator.  Seth represents how a person with previous training and experience can easily come into our department and quickly become key contributor that enhances the service we provide.  We are proud of Seth and are excited to welcome him to the Morningside Family.

Firefighter/EMT of the Year - Michael O'brien - Mike is another new face to Morningside, coming to us with previous firefighting training he quickly settled into the MVFD.  He made it a point to obtain EMT on his own and followed through with his MD Certification shortly there after - he did all of it just to be a part of the team and to become a well rounded member.  We are very proud of Mike and glad he has chosen Morningside. 

Firefighter of the Year - Timothy Cordero - Tim is a life member of the MVFD and continues to ensure the station is staffed and the apparatus is on the street.  We are blessed to have Tim active in our Department and are thankful for his enduring commitment to keeping us running.  Tim is a shining example of pride, dedication and excellence to community service.

Line Officer of the Year - Michael Stout - Mike has been a standout in the MVFD this past year and has proven himself as a true leader.  Last year he coordinated our staffing and supported the command staff of the department everyday to ensure the day-to-day grind was handled and the station was staffed.  His "lead by example" style and smooth operations has lead him to being elected as the 2015 Assistant Fire Chief and we are excited to see where he goes from here.

Associate Member of the Year - Jamie Hansen - Jamie has been serving as the MVFD's Treasurer every since she joined.  She has been committed to ensuring the Department makes good financial decisions and has been instrumental in managing corporate funds. The MVFD has been able to secure equipment, apparatus and other resources to allow us to continue to provide this great service because of her effort.

Fire Chief's Award - Tommy "Thumper" Groom - Tommy is a life member of the MVFD and a fixture in the Town of Morningside.  He continues to remain active in the organization and is our "go to" individual to keep the apparatus up and running and the everything in the station working.  He has proven to be an invaluable resource and is the true backbone to our ability to provide service.

President's Award - Stephanie Miller - Stephanie has voluntarily stepped up to lead our new EMS Program.  Stephanie reviews our EMS report and monitors our performance along with helping and correcting members to complete their EMS reports appropriately.  In this day and age, a person of this caliber and capacity willing to help us with this immense project is nothing short of amazing.  We are fortunate to have Stephanie and greatly appreciate her hard work to keep the department on track with its new mission of EMS Transport Service.

President's Award - Brian Padgett - Brian has been instrumental in our membership process, not only does he complete the fingerprints for the applicants - he coordinates getting them through the process.  Brian has become an ambassador for the MVFD greeting new members as they join the department and interfacing with the Association and others at the Fire Services Building.  Our recruitment is up and we are processing more applications then ever, and Brian keeps them moving smoothly.

We look forward to a successful 2015 and thank all of our members, their families, our community and our partners that allow us to have such a successful department entrenched in service.

Top Performer - Michael Mavaddat

Top Performer - Michael Mavaddat

FF/EMT of the Year - Michael O'brien

FF/EMT of the Year - Michael O'brien


Unusual Accident Turns Fatal

Image from News Channel 7

Image from News Channel 7

Friday, January 23, 2015  Around 0645 hours PSC dispatched a Rescue Local for a motor vehicle accident with a victim trapped in the Town of Morningside, near the intersection of Randolph Road and Allies Road.  Morningside Police were on scene reporting a serious accident with a victim trapped between a vehicle and a tree.

Upon the Rescue Squad's arrival it was determined that the victim was deceased and the accident scene was an unusual one.  The Prince George's County Police Department's reconstruction team was called out to assist the Morningside Police and the scene was left with them.  Later on in the day the Rescue Squad was requested back to the scene to free the victim for the medical examiner.  The incident remains under investigation - we wish to express our thoughts and prayers to those affected by these tragic events.



Ambulance Discovers A Serious Accident

Friday, January 16, 2015  While returning from the hospital to attend PGFD EEO Training hosted at the Morningside Fire Station, Ambulance 827 discovered a serious motor vehicle accident on Allentown Road in the area of Leon Street.  The accident involved two vehicles in an offset head-on that left the two victims trapped in two separate vehicles.   The Ambulance requested the assignment bringing Squad 27 and the Chief to the scene.

The Squad went to work on both vehicles as the Ambulance and Medic 825 tended to the victims and Engine 823 manned a protection line.  The first victim was freed with the door being removed, however, the second vehicle needed the dash lifted from the victim to free them.  The maneuvers were executed quickly and the patients were on their way to the local trauma centers.



Another House Fire

Friday, January 16, 2015  The morning rush hour would set the pace for what would become a busy day for the Morningside Volunteers.  Shortly after returning from another Box Alarm in Company 36's area, a Box Alarm was sounded for a reported house on fire in the 9100 blk. of Dangerfield Road in Company 25's area.  

Rescue Engine 27 arrived on location as the Second Due Engine Company and picked up the first dues line, while advancing the 400.  Units discovered a one story, detached, single family home with fire showing from Side Charlie.  The Rescue Engine's crew advanced into the home and assisted extinguishing the fire in the attic and rear of the home as the first due company focused on the front of the house.  The fire was quickly knocked down and scaled back, getting the Rescue Engine back on the street for some more runs.  

This would be only one of 16 suppression runs in less than 24 hours and tack on a few more ambulance calls on top of that and Company 27 easily averaged a run every hour - which included numerous box alarms and a serious accident in the first due that left two victims trapped in two separate vehicles.  No rest for the weary at Company 27 as the members even found time to participate in PG County EEO training between runs. 



Company 27 Racks Up 4 Fires In Under 24 hrs.

Sunday, January 11, 2015  What shaped up to be a busy January weekend went into overdrive shortly after lunch time on Saturday.  Channel 1 was busy with run after run and Box Alarm after Box Alarm being sounded.  A Second Alarm was sounded for the 900 blk. of Palmer Road in Company 47s area bringing the Engine Co., 1st Due on the Second Alarm.  The Engine was put to work as soon as they arrived and what has been the site of historic fires was quickly quelled.

The second fire for the Engine Company was sounded at 1931 hours in the 3800 blk. of Clark Street in Company 17s area, the Engine was third due on the Box.  First arriving units discovered a 1.5 story, wood frame, detached, single family home with smoke showing from the front door.  As Engine Co. 27 arrived on the scene on the opposite street to cover the rear position, Engine Co. 26 suffered mechanical issues and was unable to pump water.  This was further complicated by the hydrant they initially laid out from was OOS as well, Engine Co. 23 had to split lay to the next hydrant and eventually try to pump through them. During this time, the fire quickly and violently began to grow and consume a large portion of the home.  The Incident Commander granted permission for Engine Co. 27 to advance through the Delta side of the structure and attack the fire.  Our members made a great push and the bulk of the fire was quickly knocked down.  

The third fire came minutes after 0200 hours on Sunday morning and was for a reported House Fire in the 6700 blk. of Gateway Blvd. in Company 26s area.  This Box Alarm brought the Engine Company and Rescue Squad with a total of 14 volunteers and Engine Co. 26 (in a reserve) discovered a two-story, wood frame, detached, single family home with smoke showing from the second floor.  The Rescue Squad was the 1st arriving Special Service and went to work laddering the building and working with the Engine, while the Engine Co. assumed the 4th due position.  Crews operated for about an hour before returning to service.

The fourth fire came in just hours later again at 0911 hrs. for a restaurant on fire in the 6100 blk. of Oxon Hill Road in Company 42s area.  Crews encountered fire in the duct work and Rescue Squad 27 was assigned the RIG responsibilities.  This call was the 6th Box Alarm in less than 24 hours and just one of many runs the Volunteers Responded to.  Contact us today to join the action -

Clark Street Fire

Clark Street Fire

2nd Alarm on Palmer Rd

2nd Alarm on Palmer Rd


1 Year 100% Volunteer Anniversary Video Released

Anniversary Video

Monday, December 29, 2014  In conjunction with the 1 year anniversary of being 100% Volunteer and the additional responsibility of staffing the BLS transport unit, our members prepared a "Remix" video of this past year. We couldn't be prouder of this Organization and it's accomplishments.



1 Year Anniversary of 100% Volunteer

Monday, December 29, 2014  Below is a Press Release that was issued today:

Today the Membership of the Morningside Volunteer Fire Department (MVFD) comes together to celebrate a successful first year of its new staffing model that includes the expanded mission of providing an EMS Transport Unit from the MVFD Fire Station.  This comes after a renewed partnership with the Prince Georges County Fire/EMS Department (PGFD), led by Fire Chief Marc S. Bashoor and the membership’s commitment to providing the highest quality of service to the citizens and visitors of Prince Georges County, MD.

It has been a busy year.  Since December 29, 2013 the newly staffed Ambulance 827 has responded to 2,918 emergency incidents, while the suppression apparatus consisting of the Engine Company, Rescue Engine and Rescue Squad 827 have responded to more than 3,370 emergency responses.  That adds up to 6,288 emergency responses for the first year, staffed by ninety (90) different Volunteers that have accrued 62,759 man-hours of participation.  Those Volunteers have been able to provide a minimum of seven (7) personnel at the MVFD fire station around the clock for everyday this first year. 

While those numbers are impressive by themselves, it would cost the Prince Georges County Tax Payers 6.2 million dollars to provide a comparable number of career personnel and 2.4 million dollars to minimally staff the MVFD Fire Station with career personnel.  With the County Operating Budget suffering a revenue shortfall, recruit classes being cancelled and delayed and major projects left without funding, we are proud to be a cost effective life-saving service that is always there when you need us.   This organization’s success is another testament to the Combination Fire/EMS System and a shining example of why the PGFD is one of the largest and most successful Combination Departments in the Country.  We look forward to another successful year with the support of the PGFD and the community we serve. 

The MVFD was happy to have PGFD Fire Chief Bashoor, Deputy Chief McClelland, Deputy Chief Barksdale, BVFD Assistant Chief Mellits (Past President of the PGCVFRA), and Chief 857 Demeritt (Past 1st VP of the PGCVFRA) celebrate this accomplishment with us and were humbled by their praise.



More Work for the Squad

Monday, December 29, 2014  Shortly before 0130 hours a Rescue Local was sounded for a reportedly serious 9I on Beech Road in the area of Old Branch Avenue in Company 29's area.  Units arrived to find a two vehicle accident with multiple victims trapped in multiple vehicles.  

Rescue Squad 27 with a full crew, arrived and went to work to free the victims.  The extraction was completed quickly and the victims were turned over to awaiting EMS.  The PGPD requested the Squad assist them with gaining access to other areas of the vehicle in an effort to obtain evidence prior to their departure as well.  This call came only hours before the 1 year anniversary of our Department being 100% Volunteer 100% of the time. 



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