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4th Fire In As Many Days

Sunday, November 30, 2014  Just before lunch time a Box Alarm was struck for a reported house on fire in 1200 blk. of Glacier Avenue in Company 17's area.  Units arrived to find a one story, detached, single family, cape cod type, with fire showing from Side Charlie.  

Engine Co. 27 responded as the 3rd Due Engine Company and assumed position on an adjacent street to cover the rear.  The crew assisted knocking down the first floor before being redeployed to Division II.  They extinguished the same and were returned to service after the incident was brought under control.  The Fire Task Force was sounded as well as several special alarms as the building was full of "stuff" and overhaul and opening up was challenging.



Serious Accident in the First Due

Saturday, November 29, 2014  Shortly after dinner a Rescue Local was sounded for a motor vehicle accident on Suitland Road in the area of Meadowview Drive in our Local Alarm Area.  The Rescue Squad and Ambulance arrived to find a two vehicle accident with one overturned and people trapped in another vehicle.  The Squad went to work freeing the victims while the Ambulance tended to them.  The extricated was completed in no time. 



Another 1st Due Fire

Saturday, November 29, 2014  Shortly after the Squad cleared an accident in Company 17s area a Box Alarm was sounded for a reported house on fire in the 4300 blk of Maple Road in our first due.  Units arrived to find smoke showing from a single family, detached home and located a fire on the first floor.  

The fire was quickly extinguished and the incident was backed down to 1&1.  This was the third fire in as many days for the Volunteers of Company 27. 



1st Due

Engine Co. 27 on our own hydrant leaving the front open - Reverse 400

Engine Co. 27 on our own hydrant leaving
      the front open - Reverse 400

Friday, November 28, 2014  Minutes before midnight a Box Alarm was sounded for a report of smoke coming from the roof of a house in the 5800 blk. of Suitland Road in our first due.  The Engine Co. and Ambulance arrived to find a one story, detached, single-family home with smoke coming from the gables and front door.

An electrical fire was found in the attic and once the power was controlled, the fire was quickly brought under control.  The incident was scaled back to 1 & 1, holding Engine Co. 27 and Truck Co. 829.  The home was untenable and unfortunately the resident was displaced.  Ten volunteers from Morningside operated on the scene of this incident. 



Thanksgiving Day 3rd Alarm

Thursday, November 27, 2014  While the Rescue Squad was clearing up an accident on the Capital Beltway a Box Alarm was struck for a reported apartment on fire in the 3100 blk. of Good Hope Ave. in Company 29s area.  First arriving units discovered fire showing from the alpha and bravo side on the second floor of a seven story, fire resistive, apartment building.  A Second Alarm was immediately sounded bringing Rescue Squad 27 (normally 2nd Due Engine Co.).

With victims jumping from the balconies and multiple others trapped the incident eventually escalated to a 3rd Alarm.  The Squad was given the Rapid Intervention responsibility's and assumed the same before later being utilized to assist with overhaul and ventilation.  The bulk of the fire was contained to a single unit (with hoarding conditions) and there was vertical extension through void spaces to the floors above.  Thankfully nobody was seriously injured in this fire.

This was just one of many runs that Company 27 responded to on Thanksgiving Day, forcing dinner to be served on the fire ground as the Squad wasn't in quarters the majority of the afternoon and evening with runs.

Image courtesy of PGFD PIO

Image courtesy of PGFD PIO

Image courtesy of PGFD PIO Blog

Image courtesy of PGFD PIO Blog


Engine & Squad Back to Shamrock Ave for Another Fire

Saturday, November 22, 2014  Just before 0200 hours this morning a Box Alarm was sounded for a reported House Fire in the 1500 block of Shamrock Ave.  The run brought Engine Co. 27 as the 3rd Due Engine Company and the Rescue Squad as the 3rd Due Special Service.  The Rescue Squad arrived shortly after Company 26 and was tasked with assisting companies operating inside as the Engine Company laid out and assumed their position due.  

Units arrived to find a two (2) story, detached, wood frame, single family home with a basement and fire showing from the basement windows on side Bravo, Charlier and Delta. Before being redeployed the crew from Rescue Squad 27 located a family pet in the basement and removed the same while conducting a Primary Search on the entire structure.  The Engine Company's line was directed to Side Alpha and into the front door as the 1st Due Company went to the basement.  It was quickly discovered that the fire had extended from the basement to the attic via void spaces.  This put the squad to work opening up Division I and getting access to variety of different void spaces.  

After a thirty minute fight, the fire was cut off and extinguished.  An extensive amount of overhaul and work for the special services brought additional companies on the Special Alarm.  After operating for over two (2) hours the Engine Company and Rescue Squad picked up and returned to service.  This was only one of many runs that Company 27 responded to overnight while providing dedicated staffing for the Engine Company, Rescue Squad and two (2) BLS Ambulances.  We would like to thank Janet Demeritt of Company 57 for allowing us to use Ambulance 899 as Ambulance 827B.



The Next Engine Company 27 Placed In-Service

Friday, November 14, 2014  This afternoon the Morningside Volunteer Fire Department, Inc. placed the next Engine Company 27 in service, a 2001 Spartan Luverne Pumper that was recently purchased from the Allentown Road Volunteer Fire Department (ARVFD).  The pumper replaces our current pumper, which was a 1990 Pierce Arrow Pumper that suffered a catastrophic mechanical engine failure, which resulted in it being removed for service.

We are excited to be able to continue this life saving service that we desperately need in our community.  Furthermore, we commend the Town of Morningside for continuing to build our partnership and providing funds for us to rehab this unit and ensure it can last into the future.  We are currently in the process of soliciting bids for the work and look forward to being able to revitalize this great piece of apparatus.  Anyone who wants to submit an offer for our current 1990 Pierce Pumper, "as is", please email Mike Poetker at

New Engine Co. 27 - 2001 Spartan Luverne

New Engine Co. 27 - 2001 Spartan Luverne


Another Fire for the Engine Company

Tuesday, November 11, 2014  Shortly after 0300 hours the bells went off for a reported "House On Fire" on Marlboro Pike in the area of Shamrock Ave. in Company 26's area.  Engine Company 27 responded and arrived as the 3rd Due Engine Company as units discovered a one story, wood frame, cape-cod style, detached single family home with fire showing from side charlie.  

After laying out and deploying the 400 foot preconnected attack line to the rear of the structure, command redirected Engine Co. 27 to Side Alpha to work with Truck 829 and Battalion Chief 1.  The structure was determined to be vacant, boarded up and had bars on the windows and doors.  Once opened up Engine Company 27 was deployed to Division I to knock down the visible fire.  As crews pressed into the structure, it proved to be unstable and they were withdrawn. An exterior attack was commenced with lots of opening up and overhaul.  

Engine Co. 27 racked-up two (2) hours of pump time before returning to service.  All crews worked together well and the incident was mitigated with no reported injuries.  This was only one of many runs that Company 27 responded to that night and was yet another long night for the members of Company 27 - the Ambulance with a dedicated crew responded to multiple other runs during this incident.

View from Engine 27's location

View from Engine 27's location

400 off of the County reserve and swiftly deployed

400 off of the County reserve and
      swiftly deployed


More Work for the Rescue Squad

Thursday, June 5, 2014  Rescue Squad 27 was dispatched to Suitland Parkway in the area of Naylor Road for a reported motor vehicle accident. As units from Companies 27 and 29 approached the scene PSC advised that US Park Police are reporting a person trapped, the assignment was upgraded and the Rescue Squad went to work. 

Moments later, the Prince George's County Fire Chief having been in the area arrived on scene and established command. This allowed the companies to focus on their tasks and the patient was quickly extricated under the protection of Engine Co. 29s hose line and turned over to awaiting EMS crews. 



Special Alarm - Rescue Squad 27

Saturday, May 24, 2014  Shortly before midnight Rescue Squad 27 was Special Alarmed to Brooks Drive in the area of Suitland High School to assist Company 26 with a victim trapped in an overturned vehicle.  The Squad stabilized the vehicle and quickly extricated the single victim by removing the passengers door. This was one of many runs that Rescue Squad 27 responded to in only a few hours.



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