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Squad Rescues Child From Escalator

Thursday, April 17, 2014  Shortly before 2100 hours Rescue Squad 27 was alerted to the Iverson Mall area of Company 29s area for a child with his hand stuck in an escalator.  Upon the crews arrival they confirmed that the child's hand was stuck in the return side of the escalator and a massive rescue effort was launched.  After over two hours of work to disassemble the escalator, the child was freed and turned over to awaiting EMS crews.

We are happy to report that the victim was released from the hospital the following day. Job well done by all personnel on scene.   



One Trapped On Pennsylvania Avenue

Tuesday, March 18, 2014  While Volunteers were in the process of relieving each other to cover the afternoon and evening shifts a Rescue Local was struck for a motor vehicle accident on Pennsylvania Avenue in the area of Woodyard Road in Company 23's area.  As the Rescue Engine was approaching the scene they were returned by Ambulance 823 who had a located an accident in the median just prior to Woodyard Rd.  Just minutes later Engine 823 located an overturned box truck with the driver pinned inside and requested the assignment be filled.

Rescue Engine 27 as the Rescue Squad arrived just moments after the assignment was requested.  The crews discovered a box truck on its side, down the embankment and against a tree, with the driver pinned under the steering wheel.  The vehicle was quickly stabilized and secured via chain back to a nearby guardrail as the crews gained access to the patient. The roof and the steering wheel had to be removed in order to free the occupant and where in close contact with the patient as the extrication effort was conducted.  The occupant was quickly freed and packaged prior to the arrival of an EMS Unit.  Once the unit arrived patient care was turned over and the Rescue Engine was back on the street, only to respond on three more back to back runs before returning to quarters.



Annual Banquet and Awards

Saturday, February 8, 2014  Last night the members of the Morningside Volunteer Fire Dept. celebrated our annual Banquet and Awards Ceremony at the Fire Station. We were able to offer our active members the night off thanks to the generosity of the "Senior" members of the Department and the support of Company 56/57 who assisted us in staffing the Ambulance. A big thanks to them for their support.

After a nice dinner and swearing in of this years Administrative and Operational Officers, we dove into the awards. We were able to give the Kenneth Michael Hedrick Memorial Award this year to the crew of Rescue Squad 27 and Engine Co. 272 for affecting the rescue of a civilian on Alice Avenue. This is one of the most prestigious awards of the MVFD and was presented to the recipients by Kenny's parents Les and Cathy Hedrick. Congrats to all and here is the list of awards and this years officers.

Administrative Officers: President - Dave Hansen, Vice President - Charlie Phillips, BOD - Les Hedrick, BOD - Dave Fuller, BOD - Charlie Phillips, BOD - Michael Poetker, Treasurer - Jamie Hansen, and Secretary - Lisa McKlveen

Operational Officers: Fire Chief - Michael White, Sr., Assistant Chief - Michael Poetker, Deputy Chief - Stephen Truesdell, Station Captain - Michael Williams, Engine Captain - Dave Riley, Station Lieutenant - Michael Stout, Squad Lieutenant - Joey Goldberg, Engine Lieutenant - Michael Mavaddat, Sergeant - Phil Tran, Sergeant - Pat Canino

2013 Rookie of the Year: Joey Goldberg

2013 Firefighter of the Year: Patrick Canino

2013 Fire Chiefs Award: Michael Stout

2013 Presidents Award: Lisa McKlveen

2013 KMH Memorial Award: Stephen Truesdell, Michael Williams, Joey Goldberg, Michael Mavaddat, Mark Shayne, Patrick Canino, Ryan Kelly, Ronnie Martin, Patrick Wise, Brandon Howell, Mike Olszewski

Special thanks to Blueline Security Services for sponsoring our Department's banquet and providing other items for us, such as Dewalt Batteries for the apparatus. We are proud to partner with them to serve the public. This was the 3rd year they have sponsored our banquet and we cant thank them enough. 



1- Month Strong

Sunday, January 26, 2014  Today marks 1 - Month Strong as a 100% Volunteer Station 100% of the Time. We have built some pretty impressive stats over the past 4 - weeks. We have turned out on 429 Runs and logged over 3,600 man hours of participation. This equates to an average of more than 16 runs per day. 

This would not be possible without the commitment of our outstanding Membership, they are proud to serve you and we are proud of them. No matter what story is in the news, how severe the weather, or how controversial the times, we are here providing this outstanding service. We look forward to many more successful months to come...

Want to be apart of a 100% Volunteer Department that is constantly improving? Contact us today to join us tomorrow. 


MVFD 100% Volunteer Trailer - Movie Coming 2/14


Early Morning Cut Job in Upper Marlboro

Thursday, January 23, 2014   As the morning rush was about to get underway, Rescue Squad 27 was alerted to respond to the intersection of Ritchie-Marlboro & Brown Rds. for a personal injury accident with a report of entrapment. First arriving companies reported an accident involving a total of 3 vehicles, with one requiring extrication. After the vehicle was stabilized, the Squad crew performed a total driver's side removal of both doors and the "B" post, allowing for the patient to be easily accessed and handed over to awaiting EMS personnel. Rescue Squad 27 cleared the call in just under an hour.



New Movie Trailer


Wednesday, January 22, 2014  We are still responding to run after run and staffing the station with All Volunteer Personnel. The members have been working on a new full length video and below is a quick glimpse of Morningside and the calls we handle day in and day out. Stay tuned and look for the new Movie to be released in February 2014.

Want to join the action, contact us today. 

The saga continues...



22 Years Ago - We Lost One of Our Own

Sunday, January 12, 2014  On this day in 1992 we lost our friend, our son and our brother in the Line of Duty. Kenneth Michael Hedrick died while operating on a fire ground on Walls Lane in our First Due. Kenny had performed in the highest traditions of the Fire Department, perishing just minutes after he rescued a seven year old boy from the fire.

We will never forget Kenny or his actions that fateful day. He is a hero and to honor his memory the Members of the Morningside Volunteer Fire Dept. will continue to train and perform in the highest traditions of the fire service everyday just as he did. 

It seems that this year is even more striking with the Department's recent transition to a 100% Volunteer Staffed station, though no year is easier than the other. This will be a painful day for those who knew Kenny personally and also for the ones that honor his actions, stay strong and send your thoughts and prayers to all those affected by this tragedy.

We love you Kenny, Cathy and Les.



Squad Frees Pinned Driver

Monday, January 6, 2014  Just after 2230 hours 911 calls started coming into PSC advising that a vehicle had left the roadway and struck a building in the area of Marlboro Pike and Regency Parkway.  Engine Company 26 arrived first to discover that a vehicle had left the roadway and struck their former quarters on Marlboro Pike, pinning the driver inside and injuring another occupant.

Rescue Squad 27 and the A-Chief arrived shortly after and went to work sizing up the scene and executing a rescue plan.  It was quickly determined that the only way to access the patient was to enter through the cargo module and cut the back of the cab off to get to the victim.  After stabilizing the vehicle the crew began to cut through the front of the storage module, remove part of the vehicles rear wall, section and lift the roof off of the victim, remove the upper portion of the drivers seat and finally ram the dash off the victim after making a series of cuts to weaken the dash enough to lift.  This effort was somewhat complicated as the displaced bricks and other masonry components from the structure were on top of the vehicle and the victim and needed to be carefully removed.  

The squad emptied its tool boxes utilizing the air cart, air chisels, sawzall, circular saws, the KL32 Spreaders, MOC II Cutters, MOC Combi-Tool, Rams and extensions, tons of lights and other miscellaneous hand tools.  The victim was freed in around 30 minutes and the scene was left with the PGFD Technical Rescue Team 806 to handle.  Job well done by all personnel operating on the scene in an extreme weather environment and in a potentially unstable structure.  

Want to learn your equipment and how to use it to its limits? Contact us today.  We don't just train, we execute!.



Task Force Alarm Brings Rescue Squad, Chief, & "A" Chief

Saturday, January 4, 2014  At 2137 hrs. just minutes after clearing the Suitland Pkwy. accident scene, a box alarm was dropped for a house on fire at 7706 Canberra Pl. in Clinton. First arriving units reported "smoke & fire showing" from a 2-story, split foyer dwelling. With an active fire going in the basement and making its way into the upper floor of the home, a Task Force Alarm was sounded, bringing Rescue Squad 27 and Chief 27A on the run. The squad crew arrived on the scene and per command was ordered to extend a secondary attack line into the structure to deal with fire conditions on the upper floor. Chief 27A was assigned the basement division, while Chief 27 assisted with command. With the bulk of the fire knocked, command scaled back the incident and Company 27 returned to service an hour later.



Vehicle Into a Drainage Ditch

Saturday, January 4, 2014  As the members were sitting down and enjoying their dinner, the scrollboard in the station suddenly lit up and alerted Rescue Squad 27 and Chief 27A to respond to the area of Suitland Pkwy. & Forestville Rd. for a personal injury accident. Chief 27A advised PSC and units responding that the location was going to be "Inbound" Suitland Pkwy. north of Forestville. Units arrived on scene and found a vehicle that had run completely off the road and into a drainage ditch. With the lone occupant of the vehicle already self-extricated, and due to slippery and icy terrain, a stokes basket and rope system was quickly constructed and deployed to remove the patient up the steep icy slope. Once on level ground, the patient was turned over to awaiting EMS personnel for transport to a local hospital. Rescue Squad and Chief 27A cleared the call within the hour.



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