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Another Multi-Alarm Fire

Wednesday, June 17, 2015  At approximately 3:30 AM on Wednesday, June 17th, a Box Alarm was sounded for Tucker's Restaurant, located in the 9200 block of Marlboro Pike in Company 23's area. Engine 27 arrived as the second due engine shortly after the first arriving officer confirmed the working fire in a one-story strip mall.

After securing the first due engine's water supply, the crew of Engine 27 deployed a back up line to assist Engine 23 with a fire in the attic/roof area of the structure. After approximately 30 minutes, the Incident Commander sounded evacuation tones due to an imminent collapse hazard. Master streams were then set up for a defensive attack.

A Second and Third alarm was sounded, bringing approximately 100 Firefighters and support personnel from throughout Prince George's County; as well as mutual aid from Calvert County, Fairfax County, VA, Arlington, VA, and the District of Columbia. The bulk of the fire was knocked down at approximately 5:30 AM. Despite the size of the fire and the collapse of the roof, there were no injuries. The fire remains under investigation and has been ruled incendiary by the Prince George's County Fire Marshal's Office.

Photo courtesy of PGFD Fire Chief Bashoor

Photo courtesy of PGFD Fire Chief

Photo courtesy of PGFD Fire Chief Bashoor

Photo courtesy of PGFD Fire Chief


Overturned Tractor Trailer on the Beltway

Wednesday, June 10, 2015 0230 At approximately 0230 hours, Public Safety Communications alerted Rescue Squad 27 to respond to a Personal Injury Accident with reported Entrapment on the Outer Loop of the Capital Beltway, near Forestville Rd, in Company 23's area.

Upon arriving at the scene, units found an overturned tractor trailer that spilled a large number of potatoes on the roadway, with the driver still heavily entrapped in the vehicle. After stabilizing the cab using the Res-Q-Jack Super X Struts, members of the squad crew utilized Hurst cutters and a reciprocating saw to flap the roof of the cab; however, the patient was still pinned by the steering wheel. A come-along was used to displace the steering column, freeing the driver.

The patient was handed over to EMS personnel on the scene before being airlifted to a hospital by the United States Park Police's Eagle One helicopter. Members of the Prince George's County Fire Department's Hazardous Materials Team also assisted in offloading the truck's diesel tanks.

A pit bull was also riding in the cab of the truck at the time of the collision; however, after the impact, the dog fled the scene. We are happy to announce that during the next day, "Sassy" was found safe and was reunited with her family.



Rescue Squad Frees One from Overturned Van

Sunday, May 31, 2015 1330 In the early afternoon of Sunday, May 31st, Rescue Squad 27 was alerted to respond to a personal injury accident with one trapped.  The accident,  a single vehicle accident involving a work van, occurred near Central Avenue on the Inner Loop of the Capital Beltway.  The squad arrived on scene with four volunteers to find the driver of the van unresponsive and trapped in the van, which was laying on its side.  

Patient contact had already been initiated by EMS units on the scene, and was continued as the squad crew worked to free the occupant.  After quickly stabilizing the van as it lay on its side, volunteers removed the driver's side "A" post and front section of the roof to allow adequate space for removal of the patient.  The extrication was completed in a few short minutes and the patient was taken by ambulance to the Prince George's Hospital Trauma Center with non-life threatening injuries.    


Image Courtesy of PGFD

Image Courtesy of PGFD


Quick Knockdown on First Due House Fire

Wednesday, May 27, 2015 1353 Just before 1400 hours, PSC dispatched Engine Company 27 to a reported house fire on the 3700 block of Diana Rd, in our own first due area. The engine arrived on the scene to find a 2-story, split foyer home with smoke showing from the C/D quadrant of the second floor. Despite the fact that the initial hydrant was found to be out of service, the crew stretched an attack line to the seat of the fire and quickly knocked it down. Truck crews found signs of extension. There were no injuries.



Memorial Day Weekend: One Trapped, One Ejected

Sunday, May 24, 2015 2359 Just prior to midnight, after multiple back-to-back runs, Rescue Squad 27 was dispatched to the 7200 block of Allentown Rd (in Company 32's area) for a Personal Injury Accident with ejection. Engine 832 arrived first on scene and confirmed that one patient had been ejected from a three-car accident, and that a patient was trapped in one of the vehicles. The assignment was upgraded accordingly.

Upon arrival, members of the Rescue Squad stabilized the vehicle and quickly performed a door removal on the driver's side, gaining access to the patient. The crew also provided initial assessments of the patient's conditions to EMS personnel on the scene.

After clearing this scene, the Rescue Squad was immediately dispatched to another Personal Injury Accident with ejection on Branch Avenue near Allentown Rd, providing lighting for EMS crews and Maryland State Police units on the scene. Chief 827A had command of this second accident.



3 Ejected, 2 Trapped on Suitland Pkwy

Saturday, May 16, 2015 0855 Rescue Engine 27 had just returned to service from a run when Public Safety Communications dispatched them to respond to northbound Suitland Parkway just after Silver Hill Rd (in Company 29's area) for a Personal Injury Accident with reported entrapment. Engine 829 arrived first on scene and found a vehicle that had rolled over multiple times, ejecting three patients. Two additional patients were also trapped in the vehicle.

Upon arriving at the scene, the Rescue Engine crew took went to work stabilizing the vehicle, which was resting on the driver's side, with Paratech and Res-Q-Jak struts. The initial plan was to cut the passenger side posts and fold the roof down to gain access to the patients. However, upon a more detailed size up, the crew determined that the driver's arm had become pinned under the roof during the rollover, requiring the roof to be lifted off the ground before the roof could be removed. 

The Hurst Spreaders with the ground plate were used to lift the roof of the vehicle off of the ground, and cribbing was quickly placed to ensure stability, allowing the patient's arm to be brought back inside the vehicle. The remaining cuts were then made to the passenger side posts of the vehicle before the roof was folded down onto the ground. Both patients were then quickly removed and handed to awaiting EMS units, including the US Park Police's Eagle One helicopter. After cleaning up and debriefing with the Incident Commander, the Rescue Engine returned to service.



Mothers Day Weekend Starts With House Fire

Saturday, May 9, 2015  In the early morning hours a Box Alarm was struck for a reported House On Fire in the 12100 blk. of Birchview Dr. in Company 25's area.  Engine Company 25 discovered a two (2) story, wood frame, detached, split-foyer, single family home with fire showing from Side-Alpha and Delta.

Rescue Engine 27 was dispatched 3rd Due on the Box Alarm and positioned on Side-Charlie, advanced an attack line and backed up Engine Co. 25 in the basement before being redeployed to the floor above.  The Rescue Engine had only recently returned to service from some mechanical repairs and already racked up an hour worth of pump time.  The Rescue Engine's crew also forced entry through a fence, vented horizontally, ran lights and raised a 24' ladder to the top floor of the home.  This fire came after a long day of runs and was only one of 5 runs after midnight for the Morningside Volunteers.



Rescue Squad Transfers to our Nation's Capital

Friday, May 1, 2015 1100 At approximately 11:00 AM on Friday, May 1st, Public Safety Communications alerted Rescue Squad 27 to transfer to the District of Columbia. All three DCFD Rescue Squads were committed to a parking garage collapse at the Watergate in Northwest.  Rescue Squad 27, with a full crew of 8 Firefighters and Officers, spent the day at the quarters of Rescue Squad 3, Engine Company 15, and Battalion Fire Chief 3 in Anacostia, also known as "Hell's Kitchen." They were joined by the crew of PGFD Engine 805. 

The Squad responded to two alarms during the transfer. The crew shared a meal with BFC 3 and completed some housework around the station before returning to Prince George's County early in the evening.



One Trapped on the Capital Beltway

Thursday, April 30, 2015 0300 In the early hours of Thursday, April 30th, after clearing the scene of a small fire in Clinton, PSC dispatched units to a Personal Injury Accident on the Outer Loop of the Capital Beltway in the area of Branch Avenue. Rescue Squad 27 arrived to find a car into the guardrail with people trapped, and immediately upgraded the assignment.

After stabilizing the vehicle, the Squad crew removed the passenger side doors and B-Post. Access to the patient was complicated by the position of the guardrail, so a rotary saw was used to cut away a section of the rail while the roof of the vehicle was being removed. The patient was then removed from the vehicle and handed over to awaiting EMS units for transport.



Two Trapped; One Ejected on Pennsylvania Ave

Monday, April 27, 2015 2200 Just before 2200 hours, the Rescue Squad was dispatched to a Personal Injury Accident with reported Entrapment on Pennsylvania Ave near Suitland Parkway. Engine 823 arrived first on scene and confirmed an overturned vehicle with two patients trapped and one ejected.  Due to the number of victims, Ambulance 827 was added to the assignment.

After stabilizing the vehicle, the Squad crew performed a B-Post removal of the passenger side, gaining access to the two trapped patients. The patients were removed and transported to a local trauma center. Ambulance 827, with the assistance of the Southern EMS Duty Officer for ALS care, treated and transported the ejected patient. Squad 827 cleared the scene after approximately 30 minutes after their arrival.



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